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Pet Concierge Tampa Bay provides Cat Sitting When I go out of town, like most "animal people", the worse part is the thought of leaving my cats home alone. But I have done so in the past with confidence that Sharon Lee and Pet Concierge Tampa Bay will be looking in on them.

While out of town, it especially hits me in the evenings that they are not with me. I am so used to having my kitties running everywhere, leaving hair all over, meowing for this or that, or curling up next to me to sleep.


It is then that the best feeling in the world is to get a call from Sharon while she's at my house with my kitties, giving me updates about what they're up to. And by the description, I can tell exactly who she's talking about. That makes me so happy. 

I’ve even asked her to let me talk to them through the phone and she gladly holds the phone to one of them, or just in the air, so whoever is in hearing distance will listen. The great thing is - she doesn't even think that's an odd request, because she is definitely a pet lover as well, and that's considered a normal request for pet lovers!  I always know that Abby, Singer, Charlie, Jackson, Andy, Vinny, and Henri will be happy critters while I’m away!!

Michele D.
Largo, FL


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